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Category Results for: Setting Up Home

Emirates Post targeted by Scammers

Updated 10-November-2020

Emirates Post is a fantastic mail service sending and receiving mail from all over the world. Unfortunately, scammers are targeting the service....
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Insurance Essentials – Rented Apartments – Tenants

Updated 03-October-2020

Why does it take a disaster to bring home the realities of life? We only have a few short minutes to fill in an online application form. Make it work!...
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Insurance Esssentials – Purchasing a Policy

Updated 30-September-2020

You're relaxing in your new home enjoying your surroundings, having spent quite a bit of cash making it what you want it to be. Don't lose it, insure it....
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Tenancy Contract & Ejari

Updated 15-May-2017

Registering with Ejari is a relatively pain-free exercise IF you have the correct paperwork. Save yourself some money by registering with Ejari yourself....
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Dubai Home Phone Internet and TV

Updated 08-September-2015

How easy is it to connect to the outside world? Our Dubai Home Phone Internet and TV guides will help you to understand the complexities!...
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My Neighbourhood – Motor City

Updated 02-June-2015

A town within a city, Motor City is a short (nowadays) commute to Sheikh Zayed Road's business districts e.g. DIFC with easy access to all arterial routes....
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Renting Property – The Search

Updated 03-May-2015

Finding a property to call home for a year or more is no easy task in Dubai. This series - Renting Property - will point you in the right direction....
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Renting Property – Does Size Matter to You?

Updated 06-April-2015

Property sizes are measured in the old Imperial system and some in the newer Metric system. Here's a quick way to convert (and some additional advice)....
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Location Plans v Makani

Updated 29-March-2015

Finding your way around Dubai is easier than ever before with Makani, a new location geo-addressing system...
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Insurance Essentials – Rented Villas – Tenants

Updated 24-February-2015

It would be great to live in a world where nothing ever goes wrong. Best advice: be prepared. Here's an intro to insurance if you rent a Dubai villa....
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