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Tenancy Contract & Ejari

Updated 15-May-2017

Registering with Ejari is a relatively pain-free exercise IF you have the correct paperwork. Save yourself some money by registering with Ejari yourself....
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Costs of Renting Property

Updated 11-January-2015

Remember to include the additional costs of renting property in Dubai. They can add up to a minimum of 15% of the annual rental....
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DEWA & how to get Water & Electricity connected

Updated 11-December-2014

Signed the Tenancy Contract? Next step - DEWA (Dubai Electricity & Water Authority) to connect these services. How? With our Dubai Sherpas' help of course! ...
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Drinking Bottled Water in Dubai

Updated 28-August-2014

Dubai consumes millions of gallons of bottled water and we're all familiar with the 5 gallon bottles in this land of plenty. BUT what do we know of water production, bottling and delivery. We will open up the water industry to see what the fuss is all about....
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