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Zero Tolerance – Drexting: driving and texting

Driving in Dubai can rattle you so take care. Driving and texting multiplies the chance of being involved in an accident. Don't do it. Don't be a drexter.

Updated 11-December-2014  

Don’t text and drive – see this young girl’s story.

What on earth does ‘drexting’ mean?

Well, it could mean a life is lost.

It could mean someone or more than one someone is injured (probably seriously).

It could mean a drexter is an irresponsible and selfish person.

It could mean that a drexter only has five seconds to live.

It could mean that life will never be the same for a drexter after drexting.

Drexting means a lot.

It could mean a life.

Driving and texting are not a good combination.  It is an offence to text whilst driving.  If you are driving and cause an injury or even death then the Dubai laws are such that you will find yourself somewhere you don’t really want to be – get my drift??

Facts:  It takes an average of five seconds to check a text (that’s the average).  If you are driving at 55 mph (and remember Dubai works in kph so that’s the equivalent of 88.5 kph) you cover the length of a football field without making any decisions, checking the mirror, checking the road is clear in front of you and other driver responsibilities).  BUT in Dubai we don’t drive at 88.5 kph.  Drivers whizz down Sheikh Zayed Road at anything between 100 and 120 kph.  Driving to Abu Dhabi the speed limit is 140 kph.  This means that you would cover nearly two football fields within that five seconds. Erm, think about it.

Facts:  You are not an alien, you are human – you can cause an accident, you can be in an accident, you can be seriously injured or even die. Don’t make the last text, the last five seconds of your life. So, don’t be the driver who wobbles around on the road, who is oblivious to other road users – not even for a second.  The one we all say ‘he must have been drinking or he’s on the phone’ when the car moves from one lane to another in a dangerous manner.

We know who we are. We know the consequences.

Do not take a life for five seconds of yours.

Be smart. Be human.

Be kind.

Be patient.

Be a life saver.

Don’t be a drexter – don’t drive and text.

God Bless and take care out there.

We know it’s a bit of a bore to find the time to search for information on this subject but here is a selection of videos from You Tube which are pretty explicit in showing the results of car accidents due to driving and texting – drexting.

This is the latest youtube video which should make you STOP USING THAT PHONE WHEN DRIVING

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