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Dubai’s Unified Ejari Tenancy Contract

Dubai's Unified Ejari Tenancy Contract makes renting a little more transparent but you should always check the small print

Updated 02-May-2019  

Dubai’s Unified Ejari Tenancy Contract can be downloaded or visit the official Ejari website – It is mandatory to register the contract with Ejari. The Arabic word, Ejari, means ‘my rent’ and by registering your Unified Ejari Tenancy Contract, the government can record the details of property rental transactions. The rental prices and other information is held on a database which is also used for the RERA Rental Calculator – an online database where you can query your current rent and find out if the landlord is due any increase in rent or, indeed if the tenant is due a decrease.

The contract is usually completed by the landlord or his agent. The details needed to complete the form are noted below:

  1. Landlord’s Name: this will be on the Title Deed. His/her signature should be the same as his/her passport as on the Unified Ejari Tenancy Contract.
  2. Landlord’s Email
  3. Landlord’s Phone Number
  4. Landlord’s passport and Emirates ID if he/she is a resident of the UAE
  5. Tenant’s Name: his/her signature should be the same as his/her passport as on the Unified Ejari Tenancy Contract.
  6. Tenant’s Email
  7. Tenant’s Phone Number
  8. Tenant’s passport, visa and Emirates ID
  9. Building Name: on the Title Deed
  10. Location: on the Title Deed
  11. Property Size: you can find this on the Title Deed
  12. Property Type: studio, 1 bed etc
  13. Property Number: on the Title Deed
  14. Premises Number (DEWA): you can find this on the upstand of the entrance door to the property – although in some locations, e.g, Palm Jumeirah it is not on the doorway. The agent will be able to tell you where it’s located. It’s a brown tag.
  15. Plot Number: you can find this on the Title Deed
  16. Contract Period: the date of entry and date of exit
  17. Annual Rent: this is the amount for one complete year
  18. Contract Value: this is the rental value for the length of the contract. For example, if the Annual Rent is AED 100,000 but the contract is for a six month period only, then the Contract Value is AED 50,000.
  19. Security Deposit Amount: the deposit amount is usually 5% of the rent for annual rentals
  20. Mode of Payment: the way you will be paying the rent, e.g. by cheque and the number of cheques

The signed Unified Ejari Tenancy Contract is a legal document between you and the landlord. Please ensure all details are correct including the contact detail of both parties. These details must be valid as any notices from the Land Department/Ejari will be sent to the email addresses and contact numbers provided. You should update the details if there are changes during the course of the tenancy.

Interestingly, the onus of responsibility to have the Tenancy Contract registered with Ejari is stated as being with the Landlord. Up until now the vast majority of tenants were paying for this and it seems that the majority of tenants are still paying this fee because Ejari registration is required before DEWA can be connected!

Be aware that as this is a legally binding contract you should be happy with its contents. Most agents and/or landlords add ‘addendum’ or even ‘addendums’ so read the contract very carefully. We’ve seen astronomical charges for renewal – RERA state that no renewal fee should be paid. We’ll write another article regarding this aspect of the contract soon.

If you need any further detail contact Ejari or ask us!.



The advice provided in our columns does not constitute legal advice and is provided for information only. Readers are encouraged to seek appropriate independent legal advice.

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