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Isn't it a nightmare when you can't find someone capable of understanding exactly what you mean or want and doing a good job? The Dubai Survival Guide Team has lived here long enough to know that when you find a good company, school, doctor, gardener or any other business that do what they say on the box, then you hang onto them for dear life. We live in a global community and most service companies can work anywhere in the world with a little help from the magic of the World Wide Web and the ease of international travel. If it's a 'hands on' type of job you'll find the good guys here too. If you know of a company or individual to whom you give a 'thumbs up' then please send us their details via 'Rant n Rave' and we'll look into them.

Guy Noble, Central St Martins, London

Think you can’t draw? Learn how with Guy Noble. He’s a superb artist in his own right as well as being a very clever, entertaining, knowledgeable and encouraging lecturer. His wonderful online drawing course helps even the most feeble wanna be artist show that they are very capable. When you are thinking ‘what can I do’ – do this! Of course (excuse the pun), CSM has many other courses.  Contact Guy or have a look at Central St Martin’s website.

Innovation Edge Australia

Category: ConsultantsSpeakers   |

Dr Irena is amazing! She is bright, enthusiastic and intelligent. Capable of leading an individual or team past the many boundaries allowing strong growth in all aspects of business. She has visited Dubai on many occasions and loves the city. As a consultant in innovation, you can’t find better. There are free tips on her website or you can subscribe to her newsletter.

IssaSK Dubai

Category: Photographers   |

Issa has lived in Dubai for a long time but never forgets his roots and visits his home country, Oman, regularly. There are some superb images on his website. Check him out. He’s also done the front cover for Forbes magazine at least 5 times!

Magno Mesquito Rio de Janiero Brazil

Category: Photographers   |

Magno is an exceptional photographer, constantly searching for different perspectives of a changing world. His work is very varied and interesting. Although miles apart, Rio de Janiero and Dubai have a lot in common and Apex Brasil and the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry are working together to promote each other’s work. This is our effort, so, no matter how small, we are proud to be closely connected with Magno.

Parastoo Mahmoudi Canada

Category: Art & Artists   |

This amazing, beautiful and talented artist’s images are not forgotten quickly. If interested in collecting artwork from a young Iranian artist, now based in Canada, click the link above to see her work.

Commercium Globalis Switzerland

Category: Interiors & Furnishings   |

Giancarlo is one of the most wonderful and talented (not to mention handsome) people you will ever meet! He searches and finds beautifully designed and crafted Italian pieces (lighting and furnishing) to bring that certain je ne sais quoi to your beautiful home or high end developments. Giancarlo regularly ships furniture to the UAE.


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