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Isn't it a nightmare when you can't find someone capable of understanding exactly what you mean or want and doing a good job? The Dubai Survival Guide Team has lived here long enough to know that when you find a good company, school, doctor, gardener or any other business that do what they say on the box, then you hang onto them for dear life. We live in a global community and most service companies can work anywhere in the world with a little help from the magic of the World Wide Web and the ease of international travel. If it's a 'hands on' type of job you'll find the good guys here too. If you know of a company or individual to whom you give a 'thumbs up' then please send us their details via 'Rant n Rave' and we'll look into them.

Gloria Interior Designer Florida US

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Gloria worked in Dubai for a good few years and returned to Florida earlier this year.  Working globally is a distinct advantage in today’s marketplace.  Fully qualified in the States, she is amazingly creative and has designed some fabulous homes for Middle Eastern families in the UAE and Oman.  Even although she’s thousands of miles away her breadth of knowledge and sourcing contacts will help you realise your dream home. Living and designing in Florida means that you can benefit from her experience without paying some of the astronomical costs to companies who have high overheads based in other parts of the world. Furnishings can easily be shipped into Dubai. If it’s just the design you want, that’s no problem for Gloria either.

Richard Schofield Insurance Communicator

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Richard’s work in insurance marketing means that he is well versed in what to look for, where to look and what to check. In the Dubai Survival Guide, Richard explains some of the mysteries of insurance and the  jargon used in typical insurance contracts. See his articles under Insurance Essentials which are regularly updated.  You will find Richard a pleasure to deal with.

Stem Cells + Smart Cells = Smart Move

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These little parts of life (stem cells) taken just after birth from the umbilical cord, are stored in state-of-the-art facilities in London, having been rushed from the place of birth to the storage facility in the UK.  The great thing about this process is that it’s easy, pain-free and relatively inexpensive.  The other great thing is that by storing these stem cells through Smart Cells you can have faith in the future.

Photo Express Dubai

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We all need passport sized photos in Dubai.  Photo Express are installing state of the art booths in various locations.  The images will be printed quickly and at a fraction of the cost of the normal procedure here.

Liquid of Life Dubai

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This great business has been around the Dubai scene for a good few years now.  Liquid of Life has built (and is continuing to build) a strong client base.  Their outlets include schools and offices to name but a few.  Their trusted and very knowledgeable leadership can provide detailed analysis of the quality of water you are drinking and explain the benefits of using their excellent products whether it’s a water filter or a complete system including dispensers.

The MENA Professionals Dubai

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The folk at The MENA Professionals know a thing or two about the marketplace.  They have years of local experience as well as the resources and information to provide a first class marketing and market research service in Dubai and the UAE. With lots of experience in the Middle East and Europe they are well versed in the daily grind and have an insightful overview of business in the region. Check out their website – and contact The MENA Professionals – they’ll be able to assist you if you’re looking for solid business advice in the UAE.


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