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As a tax free haven, Dubai is a very attractive place to live and work but how do we go about saving our hard earned money, where do we put it, what do we do about our pensions etc? If you have any comments, questions or stories please send

Updated 06-July-2014  

Dubai offers a superb lifestyle and decent salaries so everyone of us should come away from Dubai having saved some money (you’d think, wouldn’t you!)


I’ll be able to save up and leave in 2 – 5 years with a little nest egg.


The irresistible good life beckons. We go out, we eat in expensive restaurants, we buy expensive cars, we go on holiday, we SPEND SPEND SPEND. It’s like our brains are switched off as we happily accept that we’re living for the moment, well, at least when it comes to money.

Richard Munro is a seasoned Dubai veteran – fully experienced and with lots of lovely qualifications behind him – who can guide you through the pitfalls.

Here’s some of his pointers.

You can reach Richard on … or by email at …


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