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This is old news! Updates will be published asap.

Updated 30-September-2020  

The visa rules have changed and this information no longer applies.! We’ve left this page so you can see how things were working back in 2016.

Oh well, just after we’d finished the last update in visa rules and regulations another set have appeared and we are happy to go into the ‘nitty gritty’ and explain all. This is a short explanation of the new 40 day visa ruling. Keep updated, though this new 40 day visa rule may change again!

This relates to the visit visa on arrival, i.e. you get it stamped in your passport when you arrive in Dubai Immigration.

We have been unable to trace confirmation of this information on the internet, however, we have visited Dubai Immigration at Terminal 3 and spoken to an officer there. We have also called DNRD on 800 5111 and been given the information. The best thing to do and for peace of mind is to physically visit one of the immigration offices with your passport if you’re at all worried.

If you are a UK, Canadian or Australian passport holder the 30 days plus 10 days grace period has changed completely and on arrival in Dubai you will be given a new 40 day visa. Count your first date of entry to the country for this visa as Day Number 1.

You can NO LONGER simply drive across the UAE/Oman border and return to the UAE on the same day.

The system now works like this:

You enter Dubai.  This is the FIRST day of your FORTY day period. No grace period. FULL STOP.

You MUST LEAVE THE UAE for at least ONE DAY, i.e. 24 hours.

You can come and go as you please during the 40 day period however you cannot count your re-entry as the first day you can only count the 40 day period from your first date of entry.

DNRD said you can renew the visa for a further 20 days at any Dubai Immigration Centre for AED 600 plus the typing fee. We will check this tomorrow by visiting one of the Immigration Centres and update this guide. Please note – if you’re calling DNRD from abroad dial +971 4 313 9999. You can also email them at The working hours are 10am until 5pm Sunday to Thursday (closed Friday and Saturday). Immigration at the airports are open 24/7.

Abu Dhabi Immigration seems to be on the old 30 days plus 10 days grace but we’re still waiting for confirmation about that.

If you have any information about this new 40 day visa rule and/or have been through the process yourself, please contact us. Every little bit of information helps!

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