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We live in a world where speed is of the essence and never more so when there's an emergency.  Print out these emergency numbers and keep them handy.

Updated 11-December-2014  

Emergency numbers in any part of the world are there to be used for emergencies only and not for general advice!

Different Emirates have different emergency numbers for water, electricity etc but for fire, police and ambulance these remain the same throughout the UAE.

Non-emergency calls to the police can be made on 901 (toll free). Use this number for general enquiries. Unfortunately, non-emergency calls are still being made to emergency numbers wasting these resources, however, these callers will be informed that the emergency number is for emergencies only and that they should call 901.

Please help the emergency services to continue with their excellent service by remembering that emergency numbers should be used for emergencies only.

Here’s a list of emergency numbers.



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