Surviving Dubai

Surviving Dubai

The team at Dubai Survival Guide live and breathe Dubai! We're loyal to a country that has given us opportunities like no other. Of course there are issues we've had to resolve and we are here to help you bypass these frustrations by pointing you in the right direction for every living requirement in Dubai, from what to look out for when speaking to a real estate agent to what water to drink (and why) and the boring stuff like pensions and insurance. We're here to help you navigate the Dubai maze in an informative way. If you can't see what you're looking for, send us an email. This website is a 'work in progress', constantly being updated and new content being added almost every day. Please visit us often.

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Updated 13-June-2017  

Put Monday 31 October 2016 in your diary. Dubai Parks & Resorts opens it doors to spell binding rides in the biggest theme park in the Middle East....
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Bottled Drinking Water – Prices

Updated 12-June-2017  

The scary fact is that bottled drinking water is hugely expensive and we need it so we pay through the nose! A realistic perspective is needed now....
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Updated 18-May-2017  

CERVICAL CANCER can affect your whole family. It's curable if caught early. Zulekha Hospital Dubai & Sharjah are open 24/7 offering a free PAP Smear. CALL NOW...
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NEW – Dubai’s Unified Tenancy Contract

Updated 15-May-2017  

There's a new Tenancy Contract in Dubai! The Unified Tenancy Contract and it states that the Landlord is responsible for Ejari - such good news....
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Tenancy Contract & Ejari

Updated 15-May-2017  

Registering with Ejari is a relatively pain-free exercise IF you have the correct paperwork. Save yourself some money by registering with Ejari yourself....
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Visa Run Dubai Hatta

Updated 14-May-2017  

How to do the Dubai to Hatta visa run, getting your visa renewed at the same time. Not every nationality can do this. Please check our list....
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